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Video to Flash Encoder 1.0

Un programa de prueba para Windows‚ por Video-to-flash-encoder

Video to Flash Encoder es una aplicación sencilla y de prueba solo disponible para Windows creada por Video-to-flash-encoder. Ver descripción completa

Video to Flash Encoder es una aplicación sencilla y de prueba solo disponible para Windows creada por Video-to-flash-encoder.

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Desde que la aplicación forma parte de nuestro catálogo en 2012, ya ha conseguido 642 descargas, y durante la última semana consiguió 0 descargas.Video to Flash Encoder funciona en dispositivos móviles con sistema operativo Windows 2000 y superior, y solo está disponible en Inglés. La última versión del programa es 1.0 y su última actualización fue en 18/06/2012.Respecto a Video to Flash Encoder, es un programa muy ligera que requiere menos espacio libre que la mayoría de los programas de su categoría.

Video to Flash Encoder is a robust yet easy-to-use program designed to turn your favorite videos into smaller, easily distributable Flash file.

The app allows you to edit video, and comes with a wealth of effects, background music etc. With its unique Flash movie templates, you can turn a home video into a complete, professional-quality Flash movie.

Easy to use

The interface of Video to Flash Encoder is designed to be as intuitive and simple-to-use as possible. The setup process is a doddle, with clearly laid-out navigation, making operation of the application as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Preserve the original video quality

After converting Video to Flash, you're likely to be surprised to find that the finished result is better quality than you might imagine.

Every action and scene can be kept intact while the size of video is reduced to a third of its original.

Powerful video editing

Want to show your imagination?

Video to Flash Encoder can help you achieve this thanks to its strong editing functions, enabling you to produce your own movie. You can tweak options for video length, size and can even zoom in and out.

Audio processing

If you've ever fancied being the hero or heroine in a movie this could be for you. Video to Flash Encoder can easily erase the original audio track and replace it with different background music or even your narration.

With this function, you can star in your favorite videos, and make them much funnier.

Video effects with real time preview

Want to make your video cooler?

Thanks to a wealth of video effects, Video to Flash Encoder can add a little extra pazazz to your movies. With just one click, you can apply certain video effects and preview them immediately.

Customizable Flash templates

Video to Flash Encoder provides a series of movie templates to complete your Flash movie. You can customize those templates with opening movie, ending movie, motive and credit roll.

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Video to Flash Encoder


Video to Flash Encoder 1.0